Impromptu Wine Tasting – Booker Wines

June 7, 2015


Bill sent me an email Friday, asking if I’d be up for an impromptu wine tasting on the new Spring ’13 release of Booker Wines. Yes, please…do you even have to ask?  I was first introduced to Booker Wines several years ago during a trip to Paso Robles. We planned a week long Valentine’s getaway starting in San Diego and ending in wine country, having never been to Paso Robles before, I was immediately drawn to the quiet, farm community, significantly different from Napa Valley. Paso Robles is located in California’s Central Coast, and is known for their warm days and cool nights, perfect climate to grow grapes. According to, 16% of the grapes grown in this region are classified as “other red”. This category of grapes is what intrigues me the most, whether it is a 100% Syrah or a GSM blend. Unique grapes, unique blends. Of course, the opportunity to taste some amazing wine with my fabulous husband, I’m in.

First tasting was Oublie, french for “forgotten”, and is a blend of Granche, Counoise, and Mourvedre. Counsoise is a dark skinned grape grown in Rhone Valley and California.   This was my first experience with the grape. This grape is said to have a peppery flavor, I can’t say tasted that. Bold and fruity. Solid way to start the evening.

We moved on to Ripper, made with 100% Grenache, I had high expectations.  I love tasting wines that are made with one varietal. To me, that is the best way to appreciate the full flavor of the grape. I noted the almost cloudy color and light color.  I liked the aroma, probably the spice, overall not a heavy wine, balance of fruity spice.

Next up, Fulldraw, a new wine this year according to winemaker, Eric Jensen, this wine comes from his Assistant Winemaker’s vineyard and was my opinion the best wine of the evening. It was the darkest boldest wine of the evening.  We received limited raffle tickets to purchase the remaining bottles from the tasting for our wine lockers.  Between my husband and I we had 12 tickets.  All wines were amazing, but I put 8 of my 12 in this drawing and was fortunate to win twice!  Those will be staying in the locker for a special occasion.

The evening finished off with the Tempranillo.  Strong alcohol aroma, overall great wine, certainly will be more amazing after laying down for a while.

Now, when is my next trip to Paso Robles?


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