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Baja Chicken Tacos

January 1, 2016


On my quest for healthy, I came across a recipe for Skinny Baja Chicken Tacos.  Looked amazing, so I thought I’d do another “recipe taster” and recreate this as posted.  Bill loves tacos, and like pizza, could eat them everyday.  I love them because they are an easy after work dinner and, like pizza, you can mix up the ingredients to make different every time.

Blogging with a full-time job requires a lot of preplanning.  Sunday mornings, I usually lay out my meals for the week, make my list (hopefully not forgetting it) and head to the store.  During the week, even if I’m tired, late or just plain don’t feel like cooking, I stick to the schedule.

I am on vacation this week, and ambitiously trying to get as many meals in as possible.  Yesterday, should have been Baja Chicken Taco night, but I got distracted by the cleaners at the house (and maybe a cocktail or two, it is vacation) and well…didn’t happen.

So, after my workout today (yes, day #5, which is probably 5 more than I have had all year), I made Baja Chicken tacos for lunch.

I am posting a link to the recipe as I followed almost exactly.  I did make a couple changes: Spicy Chipotle Sauce, I used ancho chili sauce and mixed it with the greek yogurt (no need to blend in a food processor), just stir and done.  I added a couple of tablespoons of the leftover sauce to the chicken to give it more of a kick.  The last change, I used preshredded cabbage with carrots and I couldn’t find my honey (how could I possibly be out?) so I had to add a little sugar to the slaw, I tried without, but it was too bitter. Didn’t love the slaw on it’s own, however, with the spicy chipotle sauce was awesome.

Thank you for this great recipe…I doubled it so I could have it for lunch again tomorrow.

Find Recipe Here: Skinny Baja Chicken Tacos



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