She’s My Cherry Rye

January 18, 2016


My husband loves Manhattan’s. On my infusing kick this week, I decided to make him a Cherry Bourbon and a Cherry Rye.  Now, I won’t touch the stuff, but thought it would add a little fun an flavor to one of his favorite drinks.

My previous post, was all about the coffee, now it is all about the cherry!  I realize it is off season for cherries, but I scoured around until I found a small and expensive bag ( I hope this is worth it).


My biggest challenge with this recipe is pitting the cherries.  I have actually never pitted cherries and don’t own a cherry pitter..so I turned to google for help.  Suggestion #1, paper clip (didn’t work) Suggestion #2 a straw (worked ok, but my straw kept bending) Suggestion #3 chop stick (ok, but messy).  I chose my own suggestion and cut the cherry in half and picked out the pit.  Since, I only had to do a couple handfuls, this worked just fine.


Muddle the pitted cherries (10-15) into a 32 oz mason jar and add 16 oz of Basil Hayden’s Bourbon (I made a second batch with Bulleit Rye Whiskey).  Seal the jar and shake for 30 seconds. Let sit in refrigerator overnight (I kept in for a full 24 hours).  Strain through a double layer cheese cloth.


Serve over ice with 3 Luxardo Gourmet Maraschino Cherries.

Bill throughly enjoyed, it was like a Manhattan without the vermouth. I did try one of the infused cherries and I absolutely do not like whiskey!

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