Recipe Test: Dutch Baby with Strawberries and Almonds

March 26, 2017

Dutch Baby

I still buy magazines. Every time I fly, I head to the newsstand and grab a couple to read on the plane.  I can’t seem to throw them out. I purged several boxes when we moved, but still brought so many with me. Most of the magazines contain recipes I always think I will try. Sometimes, I tear out the recipe and file it in a three ring binder, but I liked to know where the recipe come from and how long I have had it, so I keep them intact.

Coming back from Yountville Live last week, I picked up the latest issue of Cooking Light. How could I resist “The Breakfast Issue”? I love making breakfast on the weekend. One of my favorite memories is my grandma making grandpa breakfast, Saturday was always eggs and Sunday was always waffles. I loved how she beat the eggs whites until stiff and carefully folded them in to the batter.


It’s Sunday morning, I have fresh strawberries and decided this morning to test the Dutch Baby recipe found on page 12.  I love my cast iron skillet (its getting a work out today, I have steak planned for this evening). I followed the recipe pretty close. I made sure the pan way preheated properly. Recipe recommended mixing in a blender. I did not want to did out my blender, so I whisked until smooth.  The only other change was I used almonds vs pistachios.

I agree with the article, it was easy and fun watching the batter puff while cooking. Flavor was light and not too sweet, when I make again I might try and variety of fruit and nut combinations. Great new recipe to add to my collection.

Find the article and recipe here: Dutch Baby with Strawberries and Pistachios

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