Favorite Las Vegas Find: Vom Foss

May 1, 2015

CVomFossLiqour?ouple weeks ago, Bill surprised me with a last minute trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. When I say last minute, I mean, he bought the tickets Thursday night and we left Friday night. I had a bad week and this was a much needed getaway. I love Las Vegas, and used to travel 2-3 times a year, but my last trip was over two years ago. I needed to do some quick research on the plane to see what new food and drinks I must try!

Sunday night, after eating at my favorite restaurant in Vegas, Tao (which is on my list to blog), we spotted small oak barrels in a shop right outside the door. Bill, quickly identified Vom Foss as “from tap”. We could not believe our luck.  Half the store was barrel aged alcohol and the other half was vinegar and oil. Perfect for the both of us. Overwhelmed, I let the clerk help me navigate the vast selection. His first recommendation was Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil. Yes, I needed that. I immediately started thinking of ways to use this in a salad dressing, it had an amazing nutty flavor. Next recommendation was Star Plum Balsamic Vinegar, a rich fruit, again I needed that. Fairly confident this guy thinks I’m a sucker and I will buy whatever he says, I turn down the next one (yes it was amazing, but it was my feeble attempt and controlling the situation). I then spotted a Fig Chili Vinegar. I love figs and I love a kick, so I bought this as well!

Now I’m home, and need to find a salad dressing to make with this pumpkin seed oil.  If you have seen my previous posts on salad dressing, you know this will be a challenge. I turn to the Vom Foss for a recommendation. Below is the descriptions of each of the vinegars and oils I picked up while at Vom Foss.


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