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Harvest Cornucopia

November 29, 2015

Harvest Cornucopia

I love Pinterest.  I am always searching for recipes, crafts, gardening, outfits…the possibilities are endless.  While looking for ideas to decorate my Thanksgiving table, I came across a beautifully baked cornucopia and thought “I can do that”.  I immediately put it on my schedule (yes, I have a Thanksgiving schedule).  I started prepping 4 days early. Because I work full time and this is my busy time of the year, I needed a game plan to ensure I didn’t spend the entire holiday in the kitchen.

Wednesday night, I called an audible and decided I couldn’t squeeze the cornucopia into my plans.  However, all was not lost, I was having a dinner party on Saturday and it would be the centerpiece.

Now, I consider myself pretty crafty and can follow directions fairly well.  This project seemed easy.  First the directions said to use a water bottle to form the cone.  This didn’t produce the results I was looking for.  I got creative and used a butternut squash (part of tonight’s menu).  This worked like a charm.  I covered the squash with foil until I had the right shape.


I was ready for step two.  I bought 5 tubes of pizza dough, in case I ran into trouble (which I did). Directions said to roll out the dough and cut into 1″ strips.  This did not go as planned.  1″ was too thin and I didn’t roll the dough out enough.  I trashed 1 tube immediately.  Next tube, I cut into wider strips and then stretched them to fit.  Much better. I used a total 2 tubes.

doughBecause I sprayed the foil cone with a layer of oil, this step was messier than expected.  At this point, I am fairly confident this project will be a disaster, I see myself posting one of those epic Pinterest fails.  But, not one to give up, I forged on and even add the braided edge!


I coated with a light egg wash to hopefully turn it golden brown, sprinkled with salt and baked 325 degrees for about 30 minutes.  Halfway through, I had to cover the top with foil to not burn.


I let completely cool before filling with all the good stuff!  Once seeing the finished project, I am looking forward to making again!


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